Florida Chi chapter returns to UT in 2024.

In 2019, the Department of Fraternities and Sororities at the University of Tampa extended a chapter bid invitation to Sigma Alpha Epsilon with a return to campus in the Fall of 2024. The Florida Chi Alumni Association will serve the chapter in a fundraising capacity, and help brothers improve both their academic performance and leadership potential.

 Academic Scholarships & Leadership Grants.

♦  Scheduled for 2024.

For the past 8 years, the Florida Chi Alumni Association has raised money through dues, donations, events, raffles, and a conservative investment plan. Through the generosity of our alumni brothers and sisters, this scholarship/grant incentive program will encourage focus on both education and leadership development. The following financial incentives are available to all undergraduate brothers of the Florida Chi Chapter at the University of Tampa:

The John P. Lowth Scholarship:

    • $10,000 scholarship.
    • One time (1x) award to one (1) Florida Chi undergraduate brother.
    • Highest academic term GPA in first year of chapter founding.
    • Shows outstanding personal integrity.
    • Lives up to the standards of “The True Gentleman.”
    • The Florida Chi Scholarship Program:

        • Five (5) $1,000 scholarships awarded annually.
        • Top five (5) undergraduate term G.P.A.’s in Florida Chi chapter.
        • Shows outstanding personal integrity.
        • Lives up to the standards of “The True Gentleman.”
        • Scholarship recipients can re-apply annually.
        • Leadership Grants:

            • This grant program targets brothers elected/appointed by the Florida Chi chapter to key offices or committees. Grants will pay for attendance to various Sigma Alpha Epsilon National office leadership events:

              • Emerging Leaders Academy.
              • Executives Academy.
              • Ritual Academy.
              • Sigma Alpha Epsilon National Convention.