join_today_iconsMembership Drive.

The calendar year is June 1st through May 31st.

Join us in the start of a new adventure that began all those years ago.   We all know that success requires time and effort.  Our road back to an active Florida Chi chapter at UT will require effort from many people. Take the first steps and sign up today. 

mi_junior1Junior Members | $20 per year.

Available to brothers that graduated less than 5 years ago.

mi_associate1Associate Members | $30 per year.

Available to brothers that graduated less than 10 years ago.

mi_general1General Members | $100 per year.

Available to brothers that graduated 10 or more years ago.

donate_today_iconsSpecial Optional Donations.

As the fund raising arm for the Florida Chi Alumni Association of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in Tampa Bay, Inc., we encourage your active involvement as well as your generous contributions.  All money raised will go towards the Florida Chi Alumni Associations scholarship programs, leadership grants and to help  Florida Chi live up to the ideals of both the University of Tampa and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

mi_brothers1Brother Hero | $250.


mi_foundingfathers1Founding Father | $500.


mi_pheonix1Order of the Phoenix | $1,000.