6 National Awards

The National office of Sigma Alpha Epsilon congratulates the Florida Chi Alumni Association on its accomplishments, zeal, and dedication to the organization as well as to Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s primary mission and values.   The National office commends your hard work, and wish you continued success. The Florida Chi Alumni Association competed against 350 other alumni associations throughout North America and are considered “unsurpassed” in the following categories:

2016 Best Website-www.saetampa.com 
The website has strong content, design, and layout. The website is filled with strong content, and the layout is both balanced and professional. The message was clear, and the production quality is exceptional.

2016 Gasparilla Reunion Weekend 
The Gasparilla Reunion weekend contained a variety of well-orchestrated inclusive events held in concert with a number of University of Tampa organizations. This fund raising celebration was concieved, planned and implemented with a direct impact on the associations goals and the reputation of both the Fraternity and the University of Tampa.

2017 University of Tampa Gasparilla Parade Float 
The Royal Krewe of Sparta, comprised of 4 Florida Chi alumni brothers, created an innovative fund raising project utilizing high levels of organization, coordination and management. The Gasparilla float was developed in support of the association’s long-term goals, with a stong impact on the reputation of both the Fraternity and the University of Tampa throughout Tampa Bay.

2017 Order of the Lion-awarded to Chairman Mark Turner 
In recognition of Mark Turner’s dedication, commitment, loyalty and perseverence as Alumni Association President for the Florida Chi Alumni Association. Mark has worked relentlessly to bring the Florida Chi chapter back to the University of Tampa. For the past five years, Mark has been the main cog in the wheel to plan their annual reunions, as well as keeping the ball rolling for colonization.

2018 Greek Alumni Night at the Vaughn Center 
This multi-layered event combined live music, a 7-year slide show retrospective, a $3,000 raffle fund-raiser with $18,000 of donations from the local business community, tributes to two recently departed brothers, a few kind words of support from University of Tampa President Ronald L. Vaughn and an awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of the Royal Krewe of Sparta ownership team.

2020 Best Printed Communication 
This colorful promotional literature was used to advertise the “8th Annual Greek Alumni Night at the Orlo House.” The flyer was well-designed, the message was clear, and helped unify the entire University of Tampa Greek alumni family for this all-inclusive event. As a result of the 4-month direct-mail campaign, the Florida Chi Alumni Association achieved record setting attendance.