5 National Awards

The National office of Sigma Alpha Epsilon congratulates the Florida Chi Alumni Association on it’s accomplishments, zeal and dedication to the organization as well as to Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s primary mission and values.   We commend your hard work, and wish continued success as you work towards bringing your chapter back to the University of Tampa.  The Florida Chi Alumni Association competed against 350 other alumni associations and 85 house corporations throughout North America and are considered “unsurpassed” in the following categories:

2016 National Awards:

Best Website: www.saetampa.com.  The  website has strong content, design and layout; the effectiveness of your message was clear, and the production quality is exceptional.

The Gasparilla Reunion Weekend:  The Gasparilla Reunion weekend contained a variety of well-orchestrated events.  The celebration was conceived, planned and implemented with a direct impact on the association’s goals and the reputation of both the Fraternity and the University of Tampa.

2017 National Awards:

The 2017 University of Tampa Gasparilla Parade Float:  The Royal Krewe of Sparta has created an innovative fund raising project requiring high levels of organization, coordination and management.  The Gasparilla float was developed and planned in support of the association’s long term goals and boosts the standing of the Fraternity as well as the University of Tampa within the Tampa Bay area.

The Order of the Lion:  Awarded to Chairman, Mark Turner:  In recognition of Mark Turner’s dedication, commitment, loyalty and outstanding service as Alumni Association President to the Florida Chi Alumni Association.  Mark has worked relentlessly to bring back the Florida Chi Chapter back to the University of Tampa.  For the last five years, Mark has been the main cog in the wheel to plan their annual reunions as well as keep the ball rolling for colonization.

2018 National Awards:

 2018 Greek Alumni Night at the Vaughn Center.  This event combined a blend of a strong fund raising raffle, brother recognition for those we lost and awards for those that have achieved in the past year.  The Florida Chi Alumni Association worked in conjunction with multiple organizations, utilized strong management tools, and implemented numerous effective marketing strategies to build an event that puts the “fun” in fund raising.